I’m getting better at drawing facial expressions.

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laura-a-stern's Mortimer Crawford

Xena and Gabrielle

Gentlemen Bastards Corgis. It just happened I swear.

Adventures of Capa Barsavi and Sharky the Handpuppet

the argument of the Sanza brothers

My main character’s tavern build in Sims 3.
(The redhaired woman in red is my Sabetha sim. Fairies, ghosts and dogs visit it! Just like in my comic! You don’t see the spider :/)

Fanart: Falconer’s Formula (Scott Lynch’s Gentleman Bastards Sequence)


I gave up on trying to draw her beaten and broken. I made her smile for a change. With all her seriousness, I haven’t seen her smiling.

Dear Isabella, smile. We talk about your painful memorise at some other time.

Final design of Queen Mab and the Erlk├Ânig (probably will settle on Alder King as his name)