Firefly fairy and Ghost Light

Sigyn and Loki: Loki returns home after the events of the Thrymskvida

As it was custom for the bride to wear some kind of crown (either real gold or a crown made out of flowers and straw) I figured that women who accompany the bride would wear a circlet of some sort.


Someone ordered an angry Tiefling warlock with grilled octopus.

I uploaded their* design before but I changed it a bit again. Definitely revived Tamara again for as a kind of sequel for Crossroads.

*currently using a neutral pronoun until I figure out how the genders and sexes of their race work. Maybe there’s just one. Maybe there are five. Who knows.

Siren vs Mermaid

Fanart: Samarkar-La, Wizard of Tsarepeth (Eternal Sky series by Elizabeth Bear)

WIP Siren vs Mermaid

sketches of sirens and a mermaid for my comic.

I thought Mab and Titania look too human. Also, I didn’t like the pointy ears. Therefore I slightly redesigned them.